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Getty Images Music Cuesheet Tool
Welcome to the revolutionary Getty Images Music Cue Sheet Tool!
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We built this application to save you countless hours previously spent looking at the fine print on CD covers trying to compile your cue sheet data.

At Getty Images we know that creating cue sheets are a big headache and we are confident that this application will be a great help and a huge timesaver. It is our way of saying thank you for using Getty Images Music and for supporting independent music.

Should you have any technical problems or questions please call us at 845.757.5555 or email us at

How it works
Just have your editor export the EDL or AAF for each episode in the correct format - CMX3600 or ProTools track EDL. Then have those files emailed to you. For more information about EDLs click here.

The software will ask you to enter some information about the project you are working on and will then prompt you to either upload the corresponding EDL or AAF file or simply cut and paste a list of track IDs.

The entire cue sheet for that episode will then automatically appear before you!

You can edit your entire cue sheet online and then download it as an Excel or Word file. If you prefer, you can simply download and edit using your own application. The document can then be altered or distributed to those in your organization responsible for filing the cue sheets with ASCAP or BMI, or for the production work book for your client. You can also report usage to Getty Images Music automatically using the built-in email function.



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